Let's Talk...Pie Crust + a Video

Let's Talk...Pie Crust + a Video

I would argue that pie crust is more difficult than making bread.

There were years of trial and error before I got my pie crust method down. Growing up, I loved making lemon meringue pie. I would religiously make it every time I went to Popo's house but I'd always leave the crust to her. Something about the ingredients being cold, never knowing how much water was enough, and getting my hands dirty. So for years, I steered clear of making pie crust. 

Then, there was the chicken pot pie phase. I mean, you can't have chicken pot pie without the crust. Albeit, my family only does a top layer of crust and we eat our pot pie with rice. Yea I know, weird Chinese things. So, I figured it was time I learned how to make pie crust. 

It was rough. A lot of the time my dough was too sticky or too dry. I started out with all butter but I didn't like the texture. It was, well, too buttery and not flaky enough. I then switched to half butter and half shortening. Is shortening really that much worse for you? It's all fat in the end. 

The half butter and half shortening is my personal preference though. Feel free to use all butter if you prefer. The rest of the method is exactly the same.

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