Mini Apple Hand Pies + a Video

Mini Apple Hand Pies + a Video

If you haven't noticed, we're in the thick of pie season.

It's funny how pies aren't necessarily seasonal but come November and Thanksgiving, they seem to take over social media and everyone's kitchen. I'm definitely a culprit. Sorry/not sorry.

Not sorry because I happen to be on Team Pie vs. Team Cake. There's a right time for cake (read birthdays) but more often than not I want pie. I think it's the combination of the crust and the filling. Something about buttery/savory/creamy/tangy/smooth/flaky textures and flavors all exploding in your mouth at once.

Cakes on the other hand are just sweet and soft. I often find them to be too cloying sweet and one-dimensional. I'm not the biggest fan of frosting either. 

If I had to choose between store-bought pie or store-bought cake, I might have to go with the pie. But in all reality, the chance of me buying either would be extremely rare. 

Homemade and from-scratch, always.

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