Bubble Drinks Two Ways

Bubble Drinks Two Ways

Is it just me or are tapioca pearls just a little bit scary?

When they're coming up the straw, they come fast. You have to prepare yourself because you never know how many you'll end up having to chew at a time. It could be none or it could be five. It's completely unexpected. Also the thought of having all of those half chewed pearls dancing around in your stomach is a little bizarre if you think about it. You don't ever fully chew them (or at least I don't).

Uncooked they look like animal droppings or animal feed, you take your pick. And when you cook them they expand into what look like chocolate malt balls. As they cool, they shrink and are kinda slimy, kinda squishy, and not the most beautiful thing in the world. 

Yet, I'm completely disregarding all of this for the sake of making a homemade version of this drink. Boba/bubble tea/bubble drink, or however you choose to call it is such a popular drink and also such an easy one to tackle at home. Although it took me two tries to get it right, it's not as hard as it may seem.

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