Chicken and Spam Musubi

Chicken and Spam Musubi

I've had intentions to blog about musubi for some time now and I finally got to it.

Actually, I got to it way back in September when I was working on content (see below) for a contest, which I sadly didn't win. But, that's okay because I am now able to share these recipes. 

So, we're going to take a little break from pumpkincranberryapples and more pumpkin and more apples for a little trip to Hawaii.

I never knew of musubi's existence and specifically Spam Musubi until I moved to Hawaii and was attracted to the illustrations on this bag. Not only that but they are pretty much everywhere–at every corner ABC store, Foodland, food court, potluck, party and picnic lunch. Spam Musubi is a local staple there and here on the Mainland, people usually fall in the category of: 

  1. Have heard of it and love it
  2. Are turned off by the word SPAM 
  3. Have not heard of it but are willing to try it. 

Kudos to you if you land in category 3. 

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