The Povitica Adventure

The Povitica Adventure

I don't normally binge watch shows but I did with The Great British Baking Show.

I got Kristen (and sometimes Popo) to watch it with me and we would talk non-stop during the whole show. There were a lot of "Woahs", "Wows", "I like ____.", "I don't know about that.", "Look at ____'s expression", and "British humor is so weird.". I don't normally approve of talking while watching things but this was an exception because there was so much to talk about. 

In the Advanced Doughs episode, we were particularly impressed with the povitica (po-va-teet-sa), an Eastern European sweet bread, so we decided to try it on our own. 

In the episode, none of the bakers have any idea what the bread is supposed to look like except for one baker who did a riff on the bread in the previous challenge. Re-watching the bakers struggle with this bread was even more hilarious because we had almost the exact same sentiments as the bakers. 

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