Swedish Nuts

Swedish Nuts

Also known as Crack Nuts, Nuts on Crack, Incredibly Sugary and Buttery Nuts or "OhmayGod How Come I Can't Stop Eating These" Nuts. 

I am very particular when it comes to nuts. I don't mind them whole and salted as a snack or in a bowl that you pick over at a party. I only like salted peanuts on a plane because that's when they taste the best but will avoid them in say, trail mix and go for the cashews instead. 

I definitely do not like them in most cookies, unless they are ground so finely like in these Almond Crescents or macarons that I don't know they are there. And certainly not in cakes, brownies or doughnuts.  And never, ever in ice cream. Rocky Road and I were not friends as a child. Nor pistachio with chunky bits. 

Maybe it's a texture thing but I have never been one to enjoy the feeling that nuts leave in your teeth, especially in your back molars. 

So of course, it took me many years to like these nuts. 

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