Lemon Passion Fruit Layer Cake

Lemon Passion Fruit Layer Cake

KBC is now two years old! Well, two years and a month because it's taken me a while to get to this celebratory post. 

And we'll also celebrate because I made a cake! And after making this cake, I'm not sure I'm really good at making cakes. But more on that later. 

I know last year, I said I was going to do all of these things like be better at blogging, share more and make my site the best it can be. I was ambitious about wanting to increase readership, tracking traffic and religiously posting and liking on Instagram. But lately, I am less likely to check stats and post on Instagram daily. I mean there is the daily check to make sure I had some readership and the leisurely scroll through Instagram but I think I got burned out from focusing on numbers and likes rather than the content and stories themselves. I had to let that go and accept that it was okay to not post on this blog every week and to not be obsessive about scrolling through my entire Instagram feed so I never missed a photo or get annoyed about losing followers. Okay, I will admit, getting below 1,000 again would be annoying. This year, I'm going to try to focus on posting things because I care about and like rather than wondering if this is going to be the next post that boosts my readership. 

I have found that things take time and sometimes not doing anything for a while and just letting the cogs and wheels turn is what is needed for both me and this site. 

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