Nectarine Frozen Yogurt

Nectarine Frozen Yogurt

Wow, two years since having this blog and this is the first frozen treat I've made!

And I only realized this because this does not fall under the category of kneading, baking or cooking. Hmm, I sense a flaw in my recipes section. But, I'll figure that out at another point in time. 

Looking back, this is actually the second frozen treat on this blog. Technically, I made these ice cream sandwiches two years ago but the bulk of the recipe was baking and the ice cream was of the store bought variety. 

Frozen yogurt brings back memories of high school in Hawaii and going to Yogurtland after school with friends. It was such a treat. I, of course would go the all chocolate route. Chocolate froyo with Heath bar bits, chocolate chips, malt balls and M&Ms all hopefully at an appropriate weight of pure goodness. You would rarely ever find fruit in one of my frozen yogurt concoctions.

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