Cranberry Hot Cross Buns

Cranberry Hot Cross Buns

These have got to be the softest and fluffiest rolls I've made in a while.

These were made more out of an excuse to practice making bread rather than because Easter is so soon this year—March 27! Easter has never been a big holiday in my family but I've always loved the look of Hot Cross Buns.

There's only been one other time, I've attempted to make Hot Cross Buns. Like these English Muffins (still working on them, though), I first attempted to make Hot Cross Buns in my beginning days of making bread. They turned out dense and doughy because I had difficulties working with the dough. It was terribly sticky and my solution was to put in more flour which is of course why they turned out so dense. 

This time, I thought I was going down the same path again, but they were a huge success. Best, straight out of the oven and piping hot.  

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