Kitchen Mishaps of 2018

This year’s blind baked pie crust mishap was the complete opposite of last year’s overbaked experience.


Similar to last year, I thought I had almost made it to the end of the year without any major kitchen moments until this pumpkin pie. I hadn’t made one in years and rolled the bottom crust wayyyy too thick so it ended up being a quarter inch of soggy pastry. Luckily, the filling was delicious and I had extra so I was able to make a perfectly baked pumpkin pie. Sometimes to prevent one extreme from happening, I go to the other extreme.

It was still edible and I ate it, of course, but it was a reminder that there is a threshold of how thick a pie crust can be before it won’t be baked through properly.

This year is off to a bit of a slow start food-wise. I’ve found that I have reached capacity in terms of things in my freezer and pantry and I need to clear things out a bit (I try really hard not to waste anything) before I can dive into more things. Something about the holidays and accumulating a lot of food… sometimes I wonder how people can truly diet in January when the influx of sweets and treats from the holidays overflows into the new year. This however, is not me. I’ll still be eating my dessert at 8:45p.m. and with a good dose of vegetables and citrus throughout the day.

I’ve got some future food thoughts for the next few months but in the meantime, I’m mostly posting on Instagram. It is a bit faster/simpler than good ol’ fashioned blogging and I’m always making something even if it’s not for here!