Weekly Wander #14

My favorite tree is all green now and the flowers are completely gone but I was able to catch the tail end of the blooms at the beginning of March.


These were taken on a moody Saturday afternoon when the sky couldn't decide whether or not it wanted to rain. Campus was quiet. It was both the weekend and in the period right at the end of midterms where it is almost too early to start studying for finals. I had forgotten my Hapkido bag so I went to retrieve it and on the way back went to visit this tree. 

It is interesting how this magnolia tree looks different every time I have visited it. This time, it was in the transitioning phase where the flowers were starting to fade but it was still as magnificent as ever. 

Looking back, last year I barely captured any photos of it, and the previous year, I caught it when it was it was exploding pink. So this time it was somewhere in-between.

I'm glad it's back to being peaceful again as it's now spring break. I love Davis but sometimes it is way too busy with all of the students. While I would also love for it to rain some more, I'm enjoying the sunshine and the extra light that the end of March has to offer. We are definitely, definitely out of winter now. As I wait for my seasonal allergies to kick in, the blooms are starting to fade. Soon it will be hot and summery but for now, the weather is perfect. 

Now, it is back to taxes... or maybe I will procrastinate some more.


I have decided, procrastinating it is.