Weekly Wander #13

Happy Daylight Savings!


This is the first Daylight Savings in a long time that has felt the most natural to me. Usually I am scrunching at the change even though it is relatively minor compared to everything else in life. Maybe it's because I'm usually not ready for it. Or that this time I didn't even realize it was happening until two days ago. I thought it was next week. Or maybe because California had its first glimpse of spring at the beginning of February so it is less of a shock now. For whatever reason, I am embracing the extra daylight in the evenings as if it has been here all along.

As always, I forget how amazing spring is until I remember that it's the season of blossoms. California starts seeing blossoms as early as January and even earlier this year due to the unexpected warm weather in early February. This was nice news for those craving warmth and sunshine but not so much for the poor almond farmers who experienced freezing temperatures a few weeks ago. So we will have to see how almond farming and supply is in the next few months.


To ring in the days closing in on the spring equinox, here are some pear blossoms that I photographed a few weeks ago. I love how different blossoms from different types of fruit have a variety of colors, shapes and leaves. I will be sharing some other varieties that I have also photographed soon. I adore them way too much. 

I didn't exactly wander outside to photograph these as is usual in this series. But, these clippings from a friend who was pruning trees are just as elegant and beautiful. And photographically, this was a completely different sort of challenge. It was an inside sort of wandering—trying to figure out the best lighting and styling.


Now it's just a waiting game until my seasonal allergies start. Thankfully, I am not allergic to these types of blossoms!