Weekly Wander #12

On the last decently cool weekend of the Central Valley for a long while, I took a half bike ride and half walk to look at the corn field that I pass every day to and from work. 

Last year, this field was full of sunflowers but it makes sense that they rotate every year. It seems like these corn stalks just exploded! It wasn't too long ago that they were tiny seedlings so it's been pretty cool to watch them grow taller and taller. Even a few days later, they are still growing and producing corn. 

Even if it's not this corn, watching these stalks grow reminded me how much I am looking forward to getting my hands on some summer corn! The best deal is going to the farmer's market about 5 minutes before they close and getting ears and ears for super cheap. I'm thinking another corn chowder will be in the making soon. 

Although I came out for the corn, I got an even more amazing surprise with the dragonflies flying around! They were pretty hard to stalk because they fly around really fast and are easily startled but I was happy with these shots. There was another white and black variety but they were more elusive than these ones that stood still just long enough for me to be able to photograph.

The clouds were also amazing that day. And even more cool/surprising was the thunderstorm that happened the next day. It's pretty unusual for it to thunderstorm here in June so it was a pretty awesome treat to briefly return to spring/fall. 

Now to gear up for the week of 100ºF+...