Weekly Wander #11

Over the Easter weekend, Kristen spotted this little beaut in a Crepe Myrtle tree at Popo's house.

She looks big here, but in reality, her nest was tiny and her eggs even tinier. Probably about the size of smaller Robin's Eggs candy and the nest about the size of a ping pong ball, maybe just a little bit bigger. 

This is the most still I've ever seen a hummingbird. Most of the time, they are way too fast to capture on camera unless they are eating but even then, their wings are beating way too fast to stop the motion. 

She had picked a tree that didn't look that protected and with a rainstorm later in the afternoon on Easter, we were afraid her beautifully crafted nest would be knocked out of the branch! But, I guess she knew what she was doing because even though the branches were swaying in the wind, the one she picked swayed the least of all. It looked like quite the ride!

The right angle of light revealed a ruby throat which Popo indicated to be a feature of an Anna's hummingbird. 

An exciting thing in nature to see! Except, I need to work on my bird stalking skills because I scared the mother away at one point. Don't worry, she came back to brave the storm with her unhatched eggs. 

Of course I had to look up what a hummingbird hatching looks like since I won't be able to see it in real life. The babies must be tiny!

Let's add this experience to the list of mini things that Kara finds cute.