Savory Apple Hand Pies

With mushrooms, rainbow chard, onion and Gruyère cheese but that title was way too long.


I was inspired to do these for Pi Day but wanted to take a stab at something savory because all I make are sweet pies. Hello, Yuzu Meringue, Cranberry Apple Ginger or Mini Apple Hand Pies!

One of my friends spent part of January in Australia/New Zealand where he was obsessed with their meat pies. Granted, these are not meat pies but I had a similar flashback to all of the meat pies I consumed when I studied abroad in the UK. I decided to start with a vegetarian version because this flavor combo is a tasty one. But, really, the cheese is what makes all of the difference. 

The filling for these was inspired by a recipe from my work. These flavors are more fall but who says you can't have them in spring, especially on Pi Day. I remember after photographing those little bites, I kept coming back for more until they were all gone. And surprisingly, I was on board with the savory apple filling. Generally, I don't cross sweet things into savory territory and vice versa but it worked well with the combination of onions, mushrooms and that generous topping of cheese. 

The key to making hand pies is making sure not to stuff them too much. Or do, and struggle with making the blasted things seal together, like me but at least you filled them fully. Pro Tip: You want to put in less filling than you think you will need. And for these ones, on half of the round so you can fold the top over. To finish, crimp the edges, make some incisions to allow air to escape and brush with egg wash. 

I like these best right out of the oven, or toasted back to piping hot perfection.

Eating them cold is good too and convenient. But if you want that melted cheese...

Some meat versions soon...

Savory Apple Hand Pies

Adapted from this recipe

Yields: 14-16 hand pies // Active Time: 1 hour // Inactive Time: 50 minutes