Chocolate and Almond Sandwich Cookies

The original name for these cookies is "Romeo's Sighs and Juliet's Kisses" which if you ask me, is not really indicative of the type of cookies these are so I decided to rename them.

It is so much less romantic than the thought of Romeo's "Sighs" and Juliet's "Kisses" sealed together with a sweet filling. Sadly, even the romantic in me couldn't help but cringe at the name.

But, these are Valentine's Day appropriate so their romantic value is not completely lost by my unwillingness to call them by their original name. 

I could care less about balloons and silly cards but for me, Valentine's Day never goes without something sweet. Last year there were these S'mores Bars. As a kid, I was a sucker for all of the chocolate which is still true today. I am always tempted by Sweethearts conversations hearts and think they will taste good again. It only takes one taste of their medicinal quality for me to grab for more chocolate instead. 

So naturally, when searching for something to make for Valentine's Day, these cookies caught my eye along with their amusing name and chocolate half.

The dough for both cookies is almost the same with the exception of different flavorings. I found that making the Almond Cookies first, scraping the bowl and paddle clean, then making the Chocolate Cookies made for easy clean-up. These cookies have no leavening so they have resonate with shortbread but with a chewy quality. 

They do however require some patience to assemble. For any perfectionist, rolling each ball as evenly as possible is a fun challenge. But even with that, my chocolate cookies didn't flatten out nearly as much as the almond. That may have been my fault because the original recipe states that the chocolate were prone to spreading more so I froze them for 15 minutes before baking. The result was overcompensated smaller chocolate cookies which still tasted good but kind of messed with my vision of perfectly similar cookie halves. But, fear not! You can always match almond with almond and chocolate with chocolate.

For the filling, I chose Nutella (or rather the Trader Joe's version of it which has a slightly different/muted flavor) and cookie butter which was originally Qiao's Christmas present but she wasn't checking in any bags back to Hawaii so Kristen and I took it back. Melted chocolate would also work or using peanut butter or jam. Or, just eat them plain or to play chess or checkers on.

Whatever you do, Happy Valentine's Day!

Chocolate and Almond Sandwich Cookies

From One Sweet Cookie by Tracey Zabar

Yields: approximately 30 cookies