Mini Strawberry Shortcakes

Summer produce has been capturing my heart and strawberries are no exception. 

The first time I ever had strawberry shortcakes was in Maine during the summer I spent there with an ex-boyfriend and his family. The strawberries there were small, juicy and sweet. Best eaten fresh, of course, so his mom made strawberry shortcakes one evening. The combination of juicy strawberries, soft cream, and a flaky biscuit was one that was as attractive in taste and as it was in texture.

And, then, I never had it again until a few weeks ago when I decided this would be a good dessert to bring to a dinner. 

I was feeling ambitious and thought I could pull off everything in 45 minutes which was a bit of a stretch considering I also had to pick up the strawberries after work but forgot I didn't have cash. As I was at the ATM, I couldn't find my debit card which I ended up finding later. Then, it was a mad dash to another ATM, the fruit stand and throwing everything together in the kitchen which ended up exploding in flour, cream and some dropped biscuits.


So, these are totally easy to throw together (with no rush necessary) in about an hour. 

You can easily prep these ahead as well by pre-slicing the strawberries and assembling the dry ingredients of the biscuit mix. This will keep a few days wrapped tightly in the fridge.  

I recommend they be accompanied by lots of the freshest strawberries and cream. And multiple servings of both. 

Mini Strawberry Shortcakes

Adapted from Crestview Kitchen's Grandma's Strawberry Shortcakes

Yields: about 12 strawberry shortcakes // Total Time: 45 minutes - 1 hour