Cinnamon Chocolate Jumble Loaf

The days of summer have begun and I'm not quite ready to give up baking bread just yet. 

Granted, I made this a couple of weeks ago when the weather was in the perfect low-70's—both moody and overcast from what I feel like was the last rainfall for a while. 

My original intent was to make monkey bread but that took a lot more time and effort than I had in the day so it became a messy jumble loaf instead.

This is inspired by a recipe for a Cinnamon Raisin Jumble Loaf in The Great British Bake Off Big Book of BakingRaisins and I are generally not friends unless in the rare occasion when they're baked in focaccia

So, chocolate was an obvious addition. 

I wouldn't say that beauty is the goal of this bread. If it was, then I'd just do a cinnamon loaf or plain cinnamon rolls. It's easier than regular cinnamon bread or monkey bread in that perfection is not key. 

To assemble, make a regular cinnamon roll log, cut it into individual circles and then semi-circles. Then, toss it into a loaf pan with some chocolate chips and that's all the assembly that's required.

Once baked, the the dough expands into a gooey-caramel-chocolate fluffy loaf of bread. It's one of those things that you set on the table for people to pick apart. It's conversation food and best fresh out of the oven.

Now, I'm dreaming of more bread and pie and wading out this 100ºF week with It's Its. 

Cinnamon Chocolate Jumble Loaf

Adapted from the Monkey Bread in Mary's Bread Basket and Soup Kettle and the Cinnamon Raisin Jumble Loaf in The Great British Bake Off Big Book of Baking

Yields: Two 8½ x 4½ x2½ loaves // Active Time: 30-45 minutes // Inactive Time: 3 hours