Lagoon Valley

The drive up and down 80 can either be one of utter torture or easy breezy depending on the time of day and whether or not you are heading towards or away from Lake Tahoe. 

In the last few weeks, I've come to greatly appreciate the stretch between the hills that surround Lagoon Valley. These hills are a brilliant green and dotted with oaks that cast dramatic shadows against the rippling indentations created from landslides. This is my favorite part of the drive whether I'm going down to the Bay Area or coming back from it. I'll inevitably sneak longer than necessary glances at those hills as if they are calling me to go to them.

A lot of the time nature is like that for me. Whether I'm walking, biking or driving I'm always trying to find some sort of beauty in my surroundings. 

Hiking and photographing around this area has been on my bucket list for quite some time, so I'm glad I finally got to go on a gorgeous first of April with a couple of hapkido friends. I prefer hikes on ridges where you get the blasted uphill part done with first and then can enjoy flatter areas dispersed with more elevated hills. It was a hazy day but you could see as far as Antioch, Fairfield, Mt. Diablo and Suisun Bay.   

After an incredibly dry summer, it was amazing to see the lagoon full to the brim with water. So much so that the trees were drowning in it but the ducks were loving it.  

And when with hapkido friends, sidekicks are mandatory. ;)