Easter 2016

I hope you all had a fantastic Easter whether you cooked up a storm, hid Easter eggs, decorated baked goods, ran after small children or just lazed about.

I haven't done anything interesting for Easter in ages so it was rather fun to go to a family Easter gathering where there are small children who are so, so excited to hunt for Easter eggs. Sadly, I'm just a tad bit too old to hunt for eggs anymore. But, I got to hide them which is a tough act in and of itself. You can't hide them too hard or too high because there still needs to be some element of challenge involved. None of this hiding all the eggs on the ground business. That's just a fake out.

Foodwise, it was an amusing amalgamation of cultures, tastes and textures as it always is. But, I love that everyone is dedicated to what they bring so that in the end, you know that everything will be tasty. At first there was nothing on the counter and then, all of a sudden it was full of everything from three different kinds of bread-y things, char siu bao sliders, baked pasta, ham, cheese, dried meats, macaroni salad, regular salad, dolmas, a tres leches cake, a lemon tart, cookies and See's candy. 

So basically, it reflects my "not-real-Chinese" American family. 

My contribution were these Cranberry Hot Cross Buns but reduced to miniature versions. And then, I was given the task of putting together a crudités platter / basket which I've never done before. I think it turned out pretty great. And considering that it was thought to be an inedible centerpiece, I think that is a well deserved pat on the back. 

When it came to the actual egg hunting and subsequent prize-handing-out business, Kristen and I were amazed to learn that there was a little bit of adult play in the way prizes were given out. It's not only because you found that certain egg but because the adults are trying to evenly distribute the prizes. Oh, the innocence of childhood versus the harsh realities of adulthood. 

Now that spring break and Easter are done with, it's back to a little bit of normalcy. I hope to have up photos from my New York trip and a post for Strawberry Cream Cheese Scones later this week. 

My mind is churning for goodies to post soon. I'm thinking of cookies inspired from Momofuku Milk Barmore bread-y things before it gets too hot to turn on the oven, something with rhubarb and pie. There's always room for pie. And, I have something special in mind to celebrate this blog's 1st birthday which was a week ago. But, you know, life and stuff so stay tuned!