Weekly Wander #3

In a post-rain / Daylight Savings / California springtime kind of Monday, a bike ride and photography adventure seemed like an appropriate way to unwind the day. 

weekly wander 3-17.jpg

From getting up at 5 a.m. to compensate for being on the critique panel for this design class I only took last year, to providing many compliment sandwiches to nervous-looking design students and finally to realizing how daunting our next project at work is going to be, it was nice to be immersed in yellow for a while and try to be stealthy around some birds.

As usual, they always fly away as I try to get closer.

This post-rain vibrant, spring green is something that I often forget about. Yesterday, as I was driving back from the South Bay, I couldn't help but notice how the rain enhances the landscape in a way that the sun just isn't able to. It reminded me of being in England with all the sheep and the glorious clouds. Especially, in the stretch from Fremont to Danville on 680. But then, it poured really hard in Vacaville which was both kind of magical but also just a little bit scary. 

In a typical Kara-esque fashion, this was more of a stop and go bike ride rather than one with exercise in mind. I find that I prefer doing my photography adventures solo. With other people around, instead of walking at my usual breakneck speed, I become lost in the flowers or don't end up photographing anything out of feeling like bringing the group to snail speed. 

Either way, I manage. It's a photographer's dilemma.

To an extra hour of light!

Stay tuned for some Easter / everyday hot cross buns later this week!