Weekly Wander #2

Be prepared for a lot of pink...

weekly wander #2-13.jpg

Because the trees right now and these past few weeks have been pretty freaking amazing. I'm always a fall kind of girl until mid-February rolls around and all the trees start blossoming. It's like giant sticks of cotton candy start appearing everywhere. And in particular, my favorite tree blooms as well. 

Two years ago, I had just ended a long term relationship and I was also taking a photography class. This was the class that made me realize I was both pretty good at photography and that I didn't have to be afraid of it anymore. Unsurprisingly, one of the projects for this class was to take a self portrait. For anyone who is both introverted and running on low self-esteem, taking a self portrait is pretty much the last thing you want to do. So of course, I struggled with it. There were so many questions at that time...How do you make the right expression? How do you set up a self timer? How do you create something meaningful? So for weeks, all I had were crappy self-portraits with angry facial expressions that I was too embarrassed to show.

Then, one day I biked past this magnolia tree which was not a normal occurrence in my day-to-day schedule. My classes were never on the side of campus with all the science buildings but I remember when I saw it, I knew that's where I was going to get my shot. It was awkward with setting the timer and trying to make the right face. I purposely took that photo when I knew everyone was in class and I still saw people I knew. After I got the photo, I just felt proud and better about myself. It was a major shift on the road to being less self-conscious and more confident.  

So, I thank this magnificent magnolia tree for being in the right place at the right time. It's a beautiful, dear friend who I make a point to visit during this time of year. By now, the flowers are probably dropping but it was in its full glory just last week.  

weekly wander #2-9.jpg

And because the cherry and plum blossoms are in full bloom as well...

And just because, one more magnolia...

magnolia 1.jpg

There's a duck face hiding in there. *amused*