Weekly Wander #1

Even the smallest change in habit is like beginning a new adventure for me. 

For the past 7 months, I've taken the same route home from work. Of course, there's the occasional diversion when I needed to change my route but it's not something I chose to do until now. I find that I am pretty indecisive about the small things in life. Should I make scones or biscuits this weekend? Should I stop at home and quickly drop something things off or go straight to my destination. And today it was, should I go visit my favorite tree or should I not? 

In the end, I ultimately decided to save visiting the tree for another day and instead I took a diversion—a road home that I've driven alongside but have never driven on. When I'm driving, I often wish I could just stop wherever I wanted to take photos. Usually, it's never the right moment or I miss the opportunity and it passes by in a blur along with my wishful thinking. 

After several intense seconds of indecisiveness of where exactly to stop, I finally did and I'm grateful for this 10 minute diversion to what most people would see as nothing more than green fields and clouds. It was incredibly windy—the kind of wind that I associate with utter freedom and release of all the stress in the world. Despite the cars passing by on the adjacent highway, it was peaceful and worth stopping the car for. The brilliant green grass became an ocean of waves and the sky lovely shades of gold, white and blue. 

So, I think this alternative way to and from work will become a new habit. 

I'm also trying to get back into just photographing. Not that food has become boring but it seems like the sole reason why I pick up my camera these days. While true, I hope to have more of these Weekly Wander posts in the future. 

And now, for the incoming storm.