Thanksgiving 2016

I can't believe that Thanksgiving came and went like that.

In October, Kristen and I had called Popo, excitedly telling her what we were planning on bringing—Cranberry Apple Ginger Pie and Pumpkin Cinnamon Bread for me, Butternut Squash Polenta and later a Classic Pumpkin Pie for Kristen. 

But, between then and Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday crept up on me and before I knew it, it was time to start gathering ingredients and prepping food. Let's just say that my Wednesday before and Thursday morning were not complete without their own set of disasters. Basically, this happened but more on that when I write my Recipe Mishaps of 2016. Remember 2015's

Thankfully, a smooth drive and a few hours later, we helped make the yearly dressing with only 3 sticks of butter this year and watched as everyone else assembled their dishes while snacking on appetizers. I also couldn't help but sneak bits of turkey skin while Popo carved it. It was so crispy and perfectly salty this year. Mmmm...

Even at 29 or so people, it was fairly quiet by our Thanksgiving standards. The young and hip table still enjoyed the outside scenery until the shade moved in making the last dregs of our food in need of a microwave. I will sadly report that my stomach capacity is not nearly as much as it used to be and that I was a zombie for the rest of the evening. But, waking up at 3am that morning may not have helped. 

The rest of the weekend was rather rainy and spent baking more Pumpkin Cinnamon Knots, assembling gingerbread houses, being indecisive as to whether or not I should upgrade to an iPhone 7, shopping for cooking supplies and eating Chinese food.  

Oh, and also picking more Hachiya persimmons so I can make more muffins although it will probably take an age for them to ripen fully. 


Wishing you could order Thanksgiving plates on demand whenever you wanted them.