Guava Hunting

**Update** I have confirmed that these are actually feijoas which are similar to guava but are not the same thing.

This definitely seems like the year of me being introduced to fruit picking. From figs to apples and now guavas, I don't think I've ever picked so much fresh fruit in my life. 

I spent the rest of my birthday weekend in Lincoln, where Kristen and I lazed about with Popo while waiting for the rain to come. 

As per usual, many of the highlights centered around food.

  • Got inspired by lima beans while listening to Spilled Milk podcast 
  • Tried out a recipe for Duck Ragu from Matthew which solidified my belief that slow cooked meats are one of my favorite methods of cooking meat
  • Had a second round of chocolate birthday cake
  • Fried up some tonkatsu
  • Watched the rain come down
  • And, unexpectedly found guavas in Popo's yard! Hundreds of them!

Popo had come back from inspecting the backyard only to find these green fruits, which none of us had ever seen before. They smelled like a mixture between lemon and a mint mojito and at the risk of not knowing whether or not we would poison ourselves, we tried some. I guessed they were guava from the smell alone although Kristen was dubious that they could grow in a non-tropical environment, like our Hawaii. But, with more research on Google, it was confirmed that these are indeed guavas. The variety is unknown but they aren't the pink guavas that are more traditionally well known. 

Not really knowing what I was looking for, I foraged for the best ones for the better part of 30 minutes. The rest of the time was spent watching the clouds and taking photos. Surprise, surprise.  

I've never worked with fresh guavas, especially ones with yellow flesh so it'll be interesting to see if anything good comes from it. After debating between guava jelly and guava jam, I decided on guava curd. Sadly, the box of guavas I picked barely yielded 2 cups of pulpy juice. Whether or not I can make it into something that tastes like guava curd is yet to be seen. Processing all of those guavas made me question myself and my craziness for food but that might have been the powerful scent of guava getting to me. 

That is why this is an adventure. :)