Dutch Baby Pancake

These days, weekend mornings are a strange mix of my desire to sleep in and my body telling me to wake up because it thinks it's a weekday. 

Or Gus waking up early because he thinks it's a weekday. Silly, silly dog

Sometimes, it's almost better just to get up because going back to sleep feels worse. So in this groggy, "I-need-to-wake-up-now" state, I make fancy breakfasts and tea. Last weekend it was pancakes and this weekend will be french toast because I brought a beautiful braided challah home from work. The weekend before that, it was these Dutch Baby Pancakes. 

Dutch Baby Pancakes are one of those breakfasts that I often forget about. Regular American pancakes are the more obvious choice. The only reason I remembered Dutch Baby Pancakes was because I found myself with a lot of meyer lemons that were still leftover from Thanksgiving and they were getting pretty sad. They were still good, but in dire need of using. The most obvious use were these lemon squares but then I started to crave something with pure juice. 

I've always had this idea that Dutch Baby Pancakes were difficult to make but they're really not. They're definitely a lot faster than regular pancakes, that's for sure. 

When making the batter, you're looking for a smooth, thin batter. If you decide to whisk it by hand like I did (because I hate hand-washing the blender), gradually add the flour and whisk vigorously. 

The only really difficult part of this is juggling buttering your skillet and pouring the batter in. 

Just don't forget that the handle will be burning hot!

The crispy edges are my favorite. But, the juicy middle is a close second.

Zest. Juice. Freeze. That's the way to go with any extra citrus. 

Dutch Baby Pancake

Slightly adapted from this recipe

Yields: 1 10-inch pancake or 2 small 6-inch pancakes // Active Time: 5-10 minutes // Inactive Time: 12 minutes