PortSeaVic: Victoria & The way back

As Marrisa kept singing, "Canada, oh Canada!"

We took the Victoria Clipper ferry from Seattle to Victoria which was about a 2 hour and 45 minute journey. I easily get seasick so I used my mom's method to battle seasickness and it worked well! I was completely fine and was even able to read on the way back. In case you were wondering the method is: a Dramamine the night before, a Dramamine an hour before getting on the ferry and being a dork and wearing sea balance bands. 

In Victoria they cater a lot to American tourists so there's really no need to exchange money as you can charge everything to your card. This also means there is a plethora of souvenir shops if you are into that sort of thing. We happened to be there the day after summer solstice and with Victoria being farther up North, it stayed light out until about 10pm where the sky turned a deep royal blue before fading to black.

Red Fish Blue Fish // Popo told me I had to, had to, had to get fish and chips here if anything else. She even drew me a little map on how to get there but I subsequently forgot it...whoops. I did eventually find it tucked away hidden behind a seaplane dock. It's a cute little stand/shack that can get quite the line around lunch time. We got there right when they opened so we were able to avoid it. In my opinion, splurge and get the halibut which is a lot more fluffy and soft compared to the cod.  

Roger's Chocolates // They get a plus for giving large samples and two rounds of them! I ended up buying a peppermint cream and the assorted caramel box which I savored for a week after trip.

Fairmont Empress Hotel // We just looked fondly at the hotel from the outside both at night where it was a little creepy and during the day where the ivy covered walls looked less creepy and more like Professor X's X-Mansion. 

Murchie's Tea & Coffee // We went here for breakfast before we left and it was a nostalgic reminder of going to the UK last summer. If anything, just get a tea of your choosing and a currant scone. No need for high tea unless you want to spend the money. They had the fluffiest scones I've ever had in my life and one of these days I'll have to try to recreate them. The chocolate croissant and their London Fog tea wasn't too bad either. 


A twelve hour drive back from Seattle to Davis would have been miserable so we stopped at Eugene on the way back. Our AirBnB hosts had the cutest pitbull named Chester, a quaint little house and the best hospitality.

Falling Sky Brewery House & Gastropub // Apparently Eugene only has good American food so we decided to try this place located which was located in a converted garage/hanger. I ended up getting the pulled pork sandwich and their poutine. I loved their thin cut fries but I wish I had gotten the steak and fries instead.

Red Wagon Creamery // Our final ice cream stop which had some very different flavors. I was disappointed by their Oregon Mint Chip which had a spearmint taste not too far off from toothpaste. Instead, I got the Wandering Goat Coffee and Hail to the Bee which complimented the more airy texture of Red Wagon Creamery's ice cream.

From Eugene to Davis we took a detour to Crater Lake which was big, blue, and with a wizard island in the middle. I've never seen water that blue before and there was snow on the side of the road even thought it was almost 90 degrees out! After some more embarrassing filming of our music video and a very long and delirious car ride back, we finally made it home.

The longest shortest week of traveling.