PortSeaVic: Seattle

I was majorly excited to go to Seattle and it was the main reason why we went on this road trip in the first place.

I was most surprised by how many hills Seattle had. I guess in my mind, I thought it was a flat city. So we had a lot of fun with parking on hills and walking up and down them. Luckily Lisa is from SF and a pro at parking on hills. It was nice that our Airbnb was only a 20 minute walk from the Space Needle. 

Seattle Public Library // Mags and I were told to go to the 'library' by one of our design professors because of the architecture. At first we thought it was the Seattle U Library which was visually appealing but not that amazing. But then we were walking around and started taking pictures of this very abstract building and then we realized this must have been the library he was talking about. Spend the time to walk around the whole entire thing and use their bathroom to experience using a stall that only goes up to your neck.

Space Needle // A must even though the line is ridiculously long. The view is worth the wait. We even had dinner at the top. Granted it wasn't at the revolving restaurant but their soups in a bread bowl were pretty good.

Chihuly Garden and Glass // Another must especially if you already plan to go to the Space Needle as you can get a special deal with both sites. I was in awe the whole time finally being able to see Chihuly's work in person. His outdoor exhibits were my favorite especially juxtaposed right next to the Space Needle. We went right around golden hour which made it a perfect evening.

Pike Place Market // How could I not go here too? I love markets and this one definitely did not disappoint. With all the seasonal produce, quirky shops and stands and fresh flowers it lived up to all it's hype. Also another weird bathroom experience. What's up with Seattle and their short bathroom stall doors??

Piroshky Piroshky // My friend Jackie told me that we should order ahead but I forgot and we didn't. Luckily the line wasn't that long and went super fast. I got one savory and one sweet; the smoked salmon pate which I would highly recommend and the chocolate cream hazelnut although I wish I had gotten the apple cinnamon roll.

Gum Wall, Post Alley // Like the library, we stumbled upon this one too. At first it was pretty neat and then it was quickly pretty gross especially when the smell of gum hits you and you see how black the street is from the gum.

Molly Moon Ice Cream // I was finally able to get my mint chip ice cream which was creamy and with just the right amount of minty flavor. Their chocolate also had a nice depth of flavor too. However, their cones are hugeee and we all struggled to finish them.

Banh Mi Unwrapped // This banhi mi renewed my appreciation for this Vietnamese sandwich because it was so flavorful and full of texture and just plain freakin' delicious. I must try to recreate them at home. Their spring rolls were a nice compliment to the banhi mi. And that peanut sauce was to die for.

I hope to return to Seattle again soon!