Apple Hill

Apple Hill. The place for everything apple you can think of.

Apple juice, apple cider, apple pie, apple cobbler, apple butter, applesauce, apple fritters, apple cider donuts (as seen above), a wide variety of apples and so on. If you want apple anything, they've got you covered.

But I'm okay with that because this year I'm in an apple mood.

I've been making a trip to Apple Hill in the fall an annual thing for the past few years. This time, the weather was just right. Not freezing nor overly hot. And the leaves were changing!

I make it sound this is such an jaw-dropping phenomenon. It's only because it amazes me every year. 

These scenes are from High Hill Ranch, Boa Vista Orchards and Rainbow Orchards. It's too late for apple picking or pumpkin patches but there's still plenty to see. 

Even Gus enjoyed himself. We got him to walk for a bit and he got sugar on his head from little kiddies petting him and dirt in his beard from being weird and rubbing his face in the dirt. Oh, well.

Stay tuned for some Apple Hand Pies later this week. In the meantime, here's a video tutorial for the crust.