Thanksgiving 2015

Another Thanksgiving is over and done and it makes me just the tiniest bit sad that it's another 360-something days until the next one.

My contribution was an apple pie, which turned out  beautifully. I always like coming a bit early with Popo to help out with the stuffing. It's quiet and it's exciting to partake in the favorite dish for almost everyone at Thanksgiving. There are a lot of "secrets" to the stuffing. But, not so secret now since I'm telling you. It starts off with this wok which is huge, decades old which probably means it has some great flavor that no other pan can replicate. In goes lots of bacon, onions, celery, parsley, sausage, rice, butter, cornbread, butter, bread, butter, wine, Worcestershire sauce, poultry seasoning, pepper and dried cranberries. Did I mention butter? It's all very much an "exact" recipe that has a lot of very bad for you things that makes it taste sooo good. 

This year's Thanksgiving also consisted of....

  • 37 people at one point of the afternoon including one 1 week old baby and one almost-about-to-have-a-baby cousin
  • 4 pies of different varieties
  • a huge vat of gravy
  • a 20 lb. turkey, cut Chinese style of course
  • 2 See's candy boxes (with a knife on the side so you can safely assess which piece you want)
  • a potato chip and limoncello tasting with prizes
  • sitting outside in the cold and quiet at the 'young and hip' table
  • playing hide and seek with Qiao and my kiddie cousins (because I reduced to that level)
  • that one drunk uncle who recounted this story that didn't make much sense

And finally, one excellent plate of goodness. Delicious and satisfying enough to go on my day of perfect meals.

My family on my Mom's side may be almost all Chinese but we take our American Thanksgiving seriously. Much emphasis on the American in ABC

Non-stuffed stuffing again because I can't ever get enough of it. 

And a Black Friday complete not with shopping but a Friday Fryday