Food lovin': anything mint chocolate chip flavored, char siu bao (both baked and steamed), wonton soup, chocolate croissants, pie (except for see below), stone fruit in the summer, cinnamon bread/cinnamon rolls/monkey bread, Thanksgiving foods, Popo's chow fun and fried rice

Food hatin': coconut, banana cream pie, rice pudding, extremely spicy foods that turn your mouth on fire

Hi and welcome!

I'm Kara and to be frank, I enjoy reading all kinds of About and F.A.Q. pages but somehow writing my own is pretty difficult. So let’s get to the nitty gritty.

I am a food enthusiast with a degree in graphic design. When I was completing my degree, I seemed to always gravitate towards food-based projects. When I wasn’t designing, I was taking photos of food or procrastinating in the kitchen. And now, I have a graphic design internship job(!) at a lovely local grocery store so I think it’s safe to say that my mind is almost 100% consumed with thoughts of food. Oddly enough, I dream about food only some of the time.

My love for food stems from my grandma a.k.a. Popo's excellent cooking and baking and her willingness to let my sister Kristen and I make a mess in her kitchen whenever we’d visit her. As adults, it is now our turn to cook and share food with her. I believe that food can have a powerful impact. It's good for the soul and is a way to bring people together. The foods I make are homemade, from scratch, and from my heart. I post about foods that I want to make and eat. They are family favorites, celebratory foods, and inspired from my travels near and far.

After filling up the space on my computer with too many food photos, I finally decided to create knead. bake. cook. as a space for me to talk about the influence of food on my life and virtually share with you the things that make me eager to stay in the kitchen and feed people. Plus a little bit of other photography and adventures mixed in here too.

Hearing from you brightens my day! Email any questions or just a friendly hello at karablakechin {at} gmail {dot} com.

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Thanks for stopping by!

If you're curious...

Why knead. bake. cook.? Part of the reason why it took me so long to set up this blog when I initially thought about it was that I could not think of a name for it and this lingered on for about 3 months. I got caught up with school and when I got back to brainstorming, as is usually the case, the answer was right in front of me. I realized I should just use my initials as a base. So KBC aka Kara (pronounced Care-uh and rhymes with Sara(h)) Blake Chin & knead. bake. cook. Good thing I got past disliking my middle name as a kid.

What kind of food do you make? I am a strong believer in homemade and from scratch food. It was after all what I grew up eating. Chinese food is my comfort food, I dabble in all sorts of American food, experiment with all other ethnic foods, and I will always make dessert from scratch. Whether simple or complicated, I cook and bake food that is not always ‘healthy’ but most definitely delicious and tasty. And extra bonus points if it uses up an ingredient I already have or something in my freezer. I’m here to eat the good stuff and I hope you are too.

Do you have any favorites? If you know me, you’ll know I have the hardest time trying to remember my favorites. "Umm" or "Let me think about it" are often the most consistent answers. Some favorites however, will never change. I eat for Thanksgiving, I will always order mint chocolate chip ice cream (and if I don’t I instantly regret it), I have too many shirts in burgundy, I watch The Sound of Music every Christmas, and I have too many photos of wisteria, hydrangea, and fall foliage.

What are your roots? I'm fifth generation Chinese on my mom’s side and second on my dad’s side. Despite some questionable Native American roots, (23 and Me debunked this) I’m all Chinese American. Diet and upbringing make me look like a weird amalgamation of Asian but I grew up eating a combination of home style Chinese food, American food, homemade bread, and of course dessert almost every night at 8:45pm. I lived in the Bay Area until I was 15, finished high school in Hawaii, came back to Northern California for college. Now, I probably still get confused for a college student in this college town of mine I now call home.

What is your day job? Let me say it is kind of similar to this but with more design and an amazing team of some of the best people.

Who designed your logo? Me of course!

Can I use your work on my site? I'm happy to share my work around the internet as long as you link back to the original post and limit yourself to 2 photos maximum. This blog is for sharing after all and I’d be honored if you did. As a designer I know copyright infringement is a sensitive and messy topic. Don’t do it, trust me. Please email me here if you wish to reprint my photos or use them in other applications.

Are you available for freelance? Yes, absolutely! Especially if it is design/food/photography related. Check out my portfolio here for my more professional work.